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Breaking Obama
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Help Support The Breaking Obama Team's Mission!

The Breaking Obama Team is holding a Fall Fund Drive.
We are a Grass Roots group that is here to carry out our mission
 as described in our Mission Statement until it is completed.
We need your help to carry this out.
We warmly welcome any size Donation to our cause
as every Dollar will be put to good use to expand
our reach which is based in Social Media
with an expanding base of followers
who feel that the Lamestream Media
has let them down and is less than honest.
We are not affiliated with any Political Party
nor are we influenced or funded by any 
Special Interest Group.
We are here for the Reasons we have
stated in our Mission Statement.

Thank you for your support and with your help
we can continue to fight the good fight
demanding Transparency without Political
Spin Distortion as others do.
Donations of all sizes are welcomed
and appreciated. Give as Little as $1
or more if you can and God Bless You
and God Bless America!