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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Hamas Breaks Cease Fire & Attacks Israel

The Cease Fire is a Sham! Hillary Clinton is being used as a puppet by Egypt along with the CNN Misinformation Machine used by the Obama Administration to Lie to the World about what is really going on. This cease fire is being used to overshadow a meeting going on in Pakistan that includes several Arab Leaders that include Egypt and Iran and others Hostile against America. Both Parts of the story are here because we are here to get the truth out there unlike CNN or MSNBC aka The Obama Lie Factories!

Hamas has already violated the cease-fire negotiated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood government. According to sources within Israel, air raid sirens sounded in the city of Beer Sheva as the cease-fire went into effect at 9 p.m. local time, and rocket attacks were reported elsewhere across the south.

In addition, as reported by Israeli blogger Jameel at "The Muqata," a new poll released by Israel's Channel 2 indicates that 70% of Israelis oppose a cease-fire, and only 24% support one. (The poll was conducted before today's announcement of a cease-fire agreement.) 64% of Israelis believe a cease-fire will not last. A smaller majority, 58%, believes that Operation Pillar of Defense strengthened Israel's deterrent; 15% say it is weaker.
The cease-fire agreement came as Israel scored hit after hit on Hamas terror infrastructure, including Iranian-made long-range rockets--but also shortly after a terror attack on a bus in Tel Aviv for which Hamas claimed responsibility. The timing may allow Hamas to claim a political and strategic victory, especially as its rockets reached the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the first time during the week-long conflict.
Pressure from the United States undoubtedly played a role, as the Obama administration was reluctant to see Israel launch a ground war in Gaza, and Clinton may have threatened to close the purse strings of aid to Egypt.
Other polls showed that Israelis, who supported the aerial assault on Gaza, were far more reluctant to back a ground campaign that could take weeks and involve casualties to Israeli soldiers, including reservists. Yet the Israeli public seems convinced that Hamas has not been sufficiently crippled and that more needed to be done.

Muslim Leaders Gather in Pakistan for D-8 Summit

Leaders from eight developing Muslim countries are gathering in Pakistan to discuss how they can increase trade and investment.
Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar Wednesday welcomed to Islamabad delegates from Developing-8 countries. Along with Pakistan, the so-called D-8 countries include Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Bangladesh and Malaysia.
The summit will open Thursday and discussions are scheduled to focus on how to boost trade and address the effects of the global recession within the D-8. Some analysts, however, believe the meeting might be overshadowed by the conflict in the Gaza Strip, as international and regional leaders work to de-escalate the violence there.
The presidents of Iran, Egypt and Indonesia, along with the prime minister of Turkey, will be among those in attendance, as well as corporate and business leaders from D-8 nations.
Ahead of the summit, Pakistan assumed the two-year chairmanship of the group from Nigeria.
In recent years, Islamabad has rarely hosted major international events, mainly because of security threats stemming from the country's fight against the Taliban and other militants, who have conducted suicide bombings against government and military targets.