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Monday, November 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Wall Street Crash Days Away!

Get ready people this is not a drill. If you own stocks now, Sell! It is time to hoard cash and gold and silver as the end is near. Seriously people we are not kidding. There will not be a solution to the Fiscal Cliff and the Market Experts know it. Many Hedge Funds and other investment Houses are already making moves. Look at Apple which is a major Indicator. It went from $705 a share to $505 in a few short weeks. More indicators will show themselves in the coming days which will lead to a massive selloff and market panic on December 18th just 3 days before the dreaded 12/21/12 which many see as The End of Civilization. This might not be far off as chaos may be ahead for us on a Global Scale. Do not be fooled by a few up days between now and then in the stock market as overall the market continues to trend downwards since Obama got his 2nd term. Our National Credit Rating is also about to be downgraded again for the second time which is unprecedented. The Food Stamp President is Destroying America!

According to Nasari Buwani (Dr.  Downer)  and the prophecy of Edgar Cayce,  Wall Street will have a major crash in December of this year.
Nasari Buwani, professor of economics at Columbia University and chairman of Buwani Global Economics, has reportedly said that the stock market will be in for a major shock by December 18th of this year.
Buwani reportedly feels that the alarming economic downturn will cause “the global financial system to implode,” according to a source close to a Wall Street executive.
What is most shocking is the Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet” predicted back in 1940 that there would be major stock market crash in December of 2012.
For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict the future.
Roubini reportedly has been a longtime follower of Cayce and agrees with him that the stock market will crash in December.  Cayce predicted that the crash would not just be in the U.S. – all major markets in the world will crash.
Edgar Cayce reportedly predicted that the crash in December will begin 10 years of further economic downturn throughout the world and then… the next fifty years will be the most prosperous and happiest of any time in the history of mankind.
So, if we can just make it through the next 10 years, we’ll be good.
Many on Wall Street aren’t buying the predictions of Roubini and Cayce, but there are a lot of money managers already putting in sell orders for early December.
What will you do?  Do you believe Dr. Downer and The Sleeping Prophet?