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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Will Resign Over Benghazi & Fiscal Cliff!

President Obama will Resign from office to avoid Prosecution when Impeachment Hearings begin as early as 2013 over Benghazi and his failed economic policies as America will go over The Fiscal Cliff on January 1, 2013. No compromise will be reached and this Lame Duck will be replaced by Joe Biden who will eventually also Resign as he will Gaffe his way out of Politics for good! Here is more on the story from our sources in Washington...

Obama will resign when impeachment proceedings begin in the House similar to what happened to Nixon...

"In July 1973, as evidence mounted against the president's staff, including testimony provided by former staff members in an investigation conducted by the Senate Watergate Committee, it was revealed that President Nixon had a tape-recording system in his offices and he had recorded many conversations.[3][4] Recordings from these tapes implicated the president, revealing he had attempted to cover up the break-in.[2][5] After a protracted series of bitter court battles, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the president had to hand over the tapes to government investigators; he ultimately complied.

Watergate scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We have Petraeus "supposedly resigning" because of an affair! GEEZ this is a first!
No one's resigned due to 4 murdered people!
No one's resigned due to FALSE story line.."i.e. the video made them do it!!!"
So far only one going to jail has been the video maker and that's for supposedly probation violation.

Also we've been told the Presidency is TOO EASY for Obama. This messiah can walk and chew gum at the same time we've been told.

The only problem is Obama is bored now! Campaigning, organizing that's ALL he knows how to do!
Running the country...nah... that's others job!

He’s bored because he’s just too damn talented to do what other people do.

Obama friend Valerie Jarrett: “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is. … He knows how perceptive he is. He knows what a good reader of people he is. And he knows that he has the ability — the extraordinary, uncanny ability — to take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them, and I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually

Valerie Jarrett:

“But that’s not who he is anymore.” Obama’s old enthusiasm for the job is simply gone.
Liberals fret: Is Obama bored? Does he even want a second term? |

SO my prediction and mark my words.. 
Obama will be the subject of IMPEACHMENT starting NOW in the house and building to after 2014 when the SENATE is controlled by GOP!

Right now 53 Democrats run the Senate versus 45 GOP! BUT!!!
" 10 seats that are most likely to flip in 2014. The top nine are all currently held by Democrats, and the 10th is Kentucky."
Senate Democrats face a very tough 2014 map

So in 2014 AFTER two more years of OBAMANATION!!!
Senate and HOUSE firmly GOP control.
A) Impeachment proceedings culminate with Senate just as they did in Nixon!
B)Obama bored will resign
C) Senate/House because of Obamacare ruining health care costs.. will repeal.
D Biden by then President WON"T sign..
E) Impeachment of Biden!
F) GOP House Speaker takes over as President!

This is the scenario and Las Vegas is making book AS WE SPEAK!!!