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Monday, February 25, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Releases Criminals Ahead Of Sequester!

Obama has started what we have all feared! Will his latest action lead to Martial Law? If what he has done by releasing Illegal Aliens being held which includes some violent criminals this just may be the case. Here is more on the story from various sources and this is a developing story so stay tuned!
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According to The Associated Press federal immigration authorities have released a number of detainees around the country to save money.
Gillian Christensen, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington D.C., said Monday that field offices have been directed to review their numbers of detained immigrants to ensure the jail populations stay within budgeted resources.
Christensen says an unspecified number of immigrants have been released and placed on more cost effective forms of supervision.
She says she did not have further details about those forms of supervision or how many people have been released.
Christensen says the agency will continue to pursue the cases in court and deport people when necessary.
Immigration activists say the agency most likely released detainees in California, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Pot Smoking Exposed!

Now we know why Obama has Short Term Memory Loss and constantly blames others for his own mistakes! The Stoner in Chief has quite the past when it comes to Reefer Madness! Here is more on the story from ABC News. ABC News? That's right, but the Obama Censorship Machine kept it quiet...
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Unlike Bill Clinton, Barack Obama never tried to say he didn’t inhale.
In his 1995 memoir “Dreams from My Father,” Obama writes about smoking pot almost like Dr. Seuss wrote about eating green eggs and ham. As a high school kid, Obama wrote, he would smoke “in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,” he would smoke “in the dorm room of some brother” and he would smoke “on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.”
He would smoke it here and there. He would smoke it anywhere.
Now a soon-to-be published biography by David Maraniss entitled “Barack Obama: The Story” gives more detail on Obama’s pot-smoking days, complete with testimonials from young Barry Obama’s high school buddies, a group that went by the name “the Choom Gang.” Choom was slang for smoking marijuana.
Maraniss portrays the teenage Obama as not just a pot smoker, but a pot-smoking innovator.
“As a member of the Choom Gang,” Maraniss writes, “Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends.”
The first Obama-inspired trend: “Total Absorption” or “TA”.
“TA was the opposite of Bill Clinton’s claim that as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford he smoked dope but never inhaled,” explains Maraniss. Here’s how it worked: If you exhaled prematurely when you were with the Choom Gang, “you were assessed a penalty and your turn was skipped the next time the joint came around.”
As one of Obama’s old high school buddies tells Maraniss: “Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated.”
Another Obama innovation: “Roof Hits.”
“When they were chooming in a car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.”
Maraniss also says Obama was known for his “Interceptions”: “When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted!,’ and took an extra hit.”
Although Obama himself wrote that he and his pot smoking buddies were a “club of disaffection,” Maraniss says that’s not really true.
“In fact, most members of the Choom Gang were decent students and athletes who went on to successful and productive lawyers, writers and businessmen,” Maraniss writes. One notable exception was Ray, the group’s pot dealer who, known for his ability “to score quality bud,” would years later be killed by a scorned gay lover armed with a ball-peen hammer.
Obama himself managed to be a pretty good student despite all the pot smoking and unconventional study habits.
“He told his Choom Gang mates that the trick was if you put the textbook under your pillow the night before you would perform better on an exam,” Maraniss writes. No way, dude!
Back to the pot smoking.
Hawaii of the early 1970s was something of a pot-smoking Mecca.
“It was sold and smoked right there in front of your nose; Maui Wowie, Kauai Electric, Puna Bud, Kona Gold, and other local variations of pakalolo were readily available,” writes Maraniss.
Obama’s pal Mark Bendix had a Volkswagen microbus known as “the Choomwagon.” They would often drive up Honolulu’s Mount Tantalus where they parked “turned up their stereos playing Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult and Stevie Wonder, lit up some ‘sweet-sticky Hawaiian buds’ and washed it down with ‘green bottled beer’ (the Choom Gang preferred Heineken, Becks, and St. Pauli Girl). No shouting, no violence, no fights; they even cleaned up their beer bottles.”
Of course, smoking, drinking and driving on mountain roads could also be a little dangerous. Especially the night they tried drag racing.
The race to the top of Mount Tantalus pitted the “Choomwagon” against another friend’s Toyota. Obama was in the Toyota. The Choomwagon made it to the top first. When the other car didn’t show up, those in the Choomwagon drove back down to find them. Here’s how Maraniss describes what happened next:
“On the way down, they saw a figure who appeared to be staggering up the road. It was Barry Obama. What was going on? As they drew closer, they noticed that he was laughing so hard he could barely stand up.”
His friend had rolled the car. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. And, amazingly, they avoided trouble by leaving the driver alone to deal with the police by claiming it was just an unfortunate “mishap.”
Maraniss concludes his chapter on Obama’s high school years by looking at a note Obama had written in his high school yearbook in a section reserved for students to give a line or two giving thanks to those who helped along the way.
Obama had written this: “Thanks Tut [his grandmother], Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray for all the good times.”
Maraniss notes: “Ray was the older guy who hung around the Choom Gang, selling them pot. A hippie drug dealer made his acknowledgements; his mother did not.”
The White House told ABC News that it has no comment.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breaking Obama Expanding Mission You Can Help!

Patriots United For Freedom created a Non-Partisan Political Movement this past election year in 2012 to keep tabs on the Obama Re-Election Campaign after many promises were not only broken in the past 4 years but also some outright lies were told by those working to get this man another term went unchecked by the mainstream media.

This movement became known as "Breaking Obama" which infuriated Liberals as they took the name as some kind of Racist or Violent name which is untrue. The name comes from the concept of a TV show or more accurately several of them. Breaking Bad or Breaking Bonaduce are two shows that use the term Breaking. The creators of Breaking Obama felt that the Obama Administration is nothing more than one big soap opera and that is why the name stuck.

For Email Newsletters you can trust

The Mission continues to expand and includes a newly upgraded website and a Membership that grows daily. There is also a VIP Membership that has benefits coming to those that upgrade their membership. 
The movement is completely funded by members that help the cause and no advertising or political contributions. This movement is 100% Grass Roots and if you would like to get involved you can via the website at 

You can also get involved here by getting a Patriot Pack that includes the Membership Card and Bumper Sticker as seen below:
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What is next for the movement? There is a National Magazine in the works right now set to launch this coming Summer. Our Mission will continue to expose politicians and keep them accountable for what they say especially the Socialist in the White House. Stay tuned to the Website and Facebook Page for more information and spread the word...
Breaking Obama Membership Cards are available on the website...

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This interview was done yesterday on Capitol Hill in the office of Senator Stockman of Texas and Uncle Ted who is a real true Patriot holds nothing back! Here is more on the story from our friends over at 

Rock star and conservative activist Ted Nugent told Breitbart News that he thinks the Republican Party does not fight back against President Barack Obama’s agenda because “they somehow has lost their scrotum.”

“Working hard, playing hard America is literally recoiling in shock and dismay on an hourly basis,” Nugent said. “Where is the GOP? There must be a system by which we can stop this stuff.”

Nugent’s interview with Breitbart News came in Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman’s office on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before Obama’s State of the Union address. Nugent was Stockman’s guest at the speech.

“I come from the streets,” Nugent said. “I’m a street fighting guy. If I want to make money, I got to get a great bunch of talented guys together and a crew of 12 guys or 15 guys that can get the job done of 200, or if the government was in charge 2,000. I have got to set my alarm clock. I have got to keep myself healthy so I can go on the road and rock my balls off 75 or 80 nights a year, so that I can take the hunting season off. 

"I can’t wait for a check. I don’t get any sick days. I don’t believe in sick days, so I take care of myself so I’m not sick because if I don’t go to work, I don’t get a paycheck. This is how most of America operates. We would be offended to be a recipient of this vulgar food stamp orgy or the Obama phones or any of the bloodsucking orgy that is crippling America today.”

Nugent said Republicans are too focused on being polite and looking pretty than on winning the fight.

“They got to quit adjusting their ties and be more forceful,” Nugent said. “Did you see me fix Piers Morgan? That should be shown at every Republican gathering and say ‘this is how you do that.’ You don’t back off, you don’t acquiesce, you don’t stop your statement to allow him to attack you further. You escalate.”

Nugent said Republicans don’t seem to have that street fighter mentality necessary to win.

“It’s almost like Mr. Rogers with Lawrence Welk music,” he said. “That can’t win anything. The other side is ruthless. They’re just ruthless. They’ll do whatever they have to do. Improvise, adapt and overcome would serve us better." 

He continued, "If we improvise, adapt, and overcome, at least the Republicans and conservative – we could remain honest and sincere and everything we stand for we could support we stand for with historical and current facts and logic, but we’re too polite. Maybe that’s why I’m allergic to ties. I see too many Republicans worried about grooming instead of winning.”

Nugent also detailed for Breitbart News several instances in which media has been biased against him. “Did you know there was a headline on the Houston Chronicle—it was a headline-after my concert many, many years ago when the real outrage over immigration and the illegal invasion was really building steam, particularly in Texas,” Nugent said. 

We got off the stage in Houston. Standing ovation from the minute I attacked the stage to the time they dragged me off, literally. And we have a song called "Kiss My Ass," it’s one of my many love songs. It picks such a target rich environment for the recipient of such a thought. We thought inserting deserving names into the chorus of "Kiss My Ass" would be a good idea. And when it was done, I made a statement: "And if you can’t speak English, get the fuck out of America." I meant it. I think it’s a good statement because if you want to be an asset to your neighbors, you might want to be able to communicate with them. You can’t not smile when I say these things unless you’re just brain dead. Maybe you’re a son of Timothy Leary or something. Maybe a Grateful Dead fan and you got lost and ended up at my concert. I don’t know what happened. But, the next day in the Houston Chronicle, headline: “'All you dirty stinking Mexicans should go back where you came from.' – Ted Nugent.”

Nugent said that Houston Chronicle piece hardly just misquoted him. “It’s not even in the same ballpark,” he said. “They put it in quotations and attributed it to me to this vile, nasty hateful statement that nothing even remotely represented what I said in a moment of outrageous rock and roll humor and jest. Then, they ran a retraction a week later next to a topless Go-Go ad in the agriculture department next to the goat-breeding section.”

Nugent was stationed in Stockman’s office throughout the day Tuesday where he conducted interviews with several media outlets. One interviewer, he said, “just came from a press conference where the Sandy Hook victims were in attendance and this congressman, I can’t remember his name, actually made the statement: ‘How dare Ted Nugent show up here with all these victims of gun violence?’”

“Are you kidding me?” Nugent said. “What do I have to do with gun violence? I’m a sweetheart. I got a pure criminal record, the Secret Service confirmed that just last year. This is unbelievable. They can continue the lie after lie and if anyone’s not familiar with Hillary Clinton’s hero Saul Alinsky they might want to study that Rules for Radicals because they use them all against me. Lie after lie after lie.”
Another example of media bias Nugent cited is from when he once joked that he defecated in his pants to avoid the draft.

“One of my staff did a review of how many times the media claimed I soiled myself to get out of the draft,” Nugent said. “(By the way, I soiled myself to get out of this interview, but it didn’t work). I didn’t soil myself to get out of the draft. I made up wild, wild stories for a drooling hippie interview in High Times magazine. The band had to leave the room they were laughing so hard. I claimed I shit my pants and had sex with a goat to get out of the draft.”
“I went down for my physical, clean and sober,” Nugent continued. “I got one wide deferment because I was in college, which isn’t really a deferment. Freedom of Information Act would prove that I didn’t dodge the draft. They just repeat a made-up story in High Times from 44 years ago. It’s been repeated thousands – thousands – of times because that’s all they’ve got. What they’ve got isn’t even really true. If I’d have gotten drafted, we’d have won the fucking war.”

BREAKING NEWS: Police Executed Chris Dorner!

We are not condoning what Chris Dorner did by any means but what the police did is inexcusable and illegal. They took the Law into their own hands and became Judge, Jury and Executioner in a way that was beyond barbaric. Now we will never know information that could have explained why this fugitive did what he did. Why did they do it this way? What were the Police hiding? We may never know. Here is more about this chilling standoff including audio...

Here is the Link to his Manifesto:

Chris Dorner Dead,Christopher Dorner was holed up in a cabin surrounded by police when a voice on a police scanner appears to send a command to “Burn it down.”

Within minutes the structure was on ablaze, an inferno that burned for hours and has prevented police from seeing if Dorner’s body is inside the cabin. What appeared to be an instruction to burn the cabin down was heard on live news broadcasts and recorded by those listening online to police scanners.

To document what seemed to be a call to kill Dorner, some listeners recorded the audio and uploaded it to YouTube. A broadcast from CBS Los Angeles played a voice saying, “Get the gas. Burn it down.”

The news came as police closed in on Dorner after a manhunt that lasted more than a week. Dorner is suspected of killing a Southern California couple, then later shooting two other police officers, killing one.

An ex-LAPD cop, Dorner was fired in 2008 but maintains it was systemic racism that led to his demise. Dorner spoke out against what he saw as abuse of power, including a partner he said kicked a suspect with schizophrenia. Before the alleged killing spree, Dorner posted a 26-page manifesto to Facebook detailing what he saw as abuses and naming those he planned to kill.

Police went on a manhunt stretching across Southern California and into Nevada and even Mexico, but police centered on Big Bear, a snowy resort area about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. It was there that police say they closed in on Dorner after he stole two vehicles, leading to another shootout that left a sheriff’s deputy dead, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Though reports initially indicated that Christopher Dorner was dead, police said they have not found a body and that the burnt down cabin was still smoldering too much for them to look closer.

The revelation that police may have been instructed to “Burn it down” likely won’t sit well with a growing number of Christopher Dorner supporters. This group believes the LAPD is guilty of abuse and racism, as he has alleged.

Here is the video of police allegedly saying “Burn it down” in regard to Christopher Dorner’s cabin.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Breaking News out of California. The ex cop gone bad is dead. Here is more on the story!

BREAKING NEWS: Law enforcement in California have pulled a body from a burning home and are conducting a forensic exam, multiple law enforcement sources tell former FBI assistant director and CNN contributor Tom Fuentes.


Tune in and watch the shootout in real time live here now!!!
If you are having problems viewing below please click here

WATCH LIVE: Cop-Killer Chris Dorner Shootout With Police In Progress

LIVE VIDEO» 14 comments

The hunt for ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner has been underway in Southern California for several days and could soon be coming to an end. Dorner is suspected of killing at least three people, including one police officer.
The fired police officer laid out his plans to kill family members of those he feels wronged him in anlengthy manifesto posted to Facebook. After the shootout early Thursday morning that left one officer dead, the LAPD tracked Dorner to the Big Bear mountain area where they found his burned-out pickup truck.
The first police sighting of Dorner came on Tuesday afternoon, during an ongoing shoot-out with the suspect near the Big Bear mountain area that has left at least two officer injured.
Watch live coverage below, via CBS Los Angeles:


Brace yourselves everyone! America is under attack from many different angles all at the same time right now including from within! This is real and not a drill! Tonight the Dictator in Chief will spell out his plans using his teleprompters rather than his brain and direct America into further destruction as our other enemies prepare to over run us as he further weakens us from within. We must take a stand and demand he is removed from office now before it is too late! Call your Senators Now and share this. Here is more on the story...

Tell them to Impeach Obama Now!!!

Since yesterday, North Korea tested 3 missiles directed at the US. We have millions of Muslims, many with Taliban camps and terrorist ties living in the US ready to destroy us. We have the Mexican Mafia, Drug Cartels and over 20 million Mexican illegals in the US. Obama has a sinister, ulterior motive to cut our military at one of the worse times in American history. Nothing else makes sense. Give them our guns???? NEVER!!!!

"Prepare to Take America Back
Joint Chiefs: Sequester Cuts Will Return Military to Carter-Era Strength

The U.S. military is warning that sequester cuts will reduce our armed forces to a state they haven't been since Jimmy Carter was president.

In memos sent to Congress, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) warned that, "Army brigades won't be ready to fight[,] Navy aircraft carriers won't be deployed[,] and the Air Force won't be able to operate radar surveillance 24 hours a day."

On Feb. 12th, JCS members will testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee concerning the pending cuts.

In anticipation of sequester, the Navy is already giving us a glimpse of how they will operate once the cuts take effect.

For instance, last month they canceled "the $3.3 billion overhaul and refueling of the nuclear-powered carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln." This followed news that they reduced carrier groups in the Persian Gulf from two to one by canceling the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman strike group's departure to the Middle East.

As Defense analyst Frank Gaffney observes: "Long before the full impact of sequestration is felt, the hollowing out of the U.S. military is under way."

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Provokes Obama

North Korea has gone Nuclear! They now have a Missile capable of striking the USA and now a Nuclear Warhead to attach to it. The Dictator Obama has remained silent but for how long? We will find out tonight when he takes to the Teleprompters on his TV Show tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern. Here is more on the situation in North Korea...

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Experts say North Korea nuclear test an 'important step towards weaponization'

Experts say North Korea's successful detonation of a miniaturized nuclear device is concerning because it indicates the country may be getting closer to the ability to put a nuclear device on a missile.
North Korea drew worldwide condemnation Tuesday after it announced it had successfully conducted its third nuclear test, in direct defiance to U.N. Security Council orders to shut down its atomic activity or face more sanctions and international isolation.
It claims the test was its "first response" to perceived U.S. threats and warns it will continue with unspecified "second and third measures of greater intensity" if the United States maintains its hostility.
North Korea expert Andrei Lankov tells Fox News that possession of such a "miniaturized" device would be necessary to create a nuclear warhead. 
"It shows they are advancing their nuclear technology," Lankov said. 
He also noted the significance of the timing of the test, which came just months after North Korea's successful intercontinental ballistic missile test.
"It seems they are very close to being able to put a device on a missile," Lankov said. 
Peter Beck, an expert for Asia Society, tells Fox News the blast appears to be "significantly greater" than North Korea's past nuclear tests. He, too, said the test "...shows a greater commitment by North Korea to marry the missile and nuclear programs."  
President Obama was one of many world leaders to speak out against the test early Tuesday, calling it a "highly provocative act" and warning that the international community would act in response. 
"These provocations do not make North Korea more secure," the president said in a statement. "Far from achieving its stated goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation, North Korea has instead increasingly isolated and impoverished its people through its ill-advised pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery."
North Korea's official state media said the test was conducted in a safe manner and is aimed at coping with "outrageous" U.S. hostility that "violently" undermines the North's peaceful, sovereign right to launch satellites. North Korea faced sanctions after a December launch of a rocket that the U.N. and Washington called a cover for a banned missile test. Pyongyang said it was a peaceful satellite launch.
Earlier Tuesday, South Korean, U.S. and Japanese seismic monitoring agencies said they detected an earthquake in North Korea with a magnitude between 4.9 and 5.2.
Annika Thunborg, who works for the Vienna-based UN nuclear monitoring agency the CTBTO, confirms to Fox News the blast was larger than past tests, measuring 4.9 seismically on the Richter scale. The country's 2006 test, which was widely seen as a failure, measured 4.1 and the 2009 test measured 4.5.   
Thunborg also says they are trying to find out if enriched uranium was used in this test. This would be significant as the first two tests used North Korea's plutonium stocks which are being depleted. Uranium could be derived from a new nuclear method and those supplies could be renewed. 
The North said it used a "lighter, miniaturized atomic bomb" that still has more explosive force than past tests. North Korea is estimated to have enough weaponized plutonium for four to eight bombs, according to American nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker. However, it is not known whether North Korean scientists have found a way to miniaturize warheads. 
The timing will be seen as significant. The test came hours before President Obama was scheduled to give his State of the Union speech, a major, nationally televised address. It's also only days before the Saturday birthday of Kim Jong Un's father, late leader Kim Jong Il, whose memory North Korean propaganda has repeatedly linked to the country's nuclear ambitions. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean War.
The nuclear test is North Korea's first since Kim Jong Un took power of a country long estranged from the West.
Experts say regular tests are needed to perfect North Korea's goal of building nuclear warheads small enough to be placed on long-range missiles. This atomic test is North Korea's third since 2006.
The test will likely be portrayed in North Korea as a strong move to defend the nation against foreign aggression, particularly from the U.S., North Korea's longtime enemy.
North Korea's rocket launches and nuclear tests largely are seen by analysts as threats designed to force the United States to confront the issue of military tensions between the foes 60 years after the end of the Korean War.
Following the announcement of the nuclear test, North Korean state television played a song with lyrics bragging that the country always carries out what it is determined to do. In the background were scenes of a North Korean long-range rocket blasting off and short-range missiles being fired into the sky.
The United States and its allies have been on edge since North Korea announced last month that it would conduct a nuclear test to protest toughened sanctions over the December rocket launch.
North Korea's National Defense Commission said Jan. 23 that the United States was its prime target for a nuclear test and long-range rocket launches. North Korea accuses Washington of leading the push to punish Pyongyang for its December rocket launch.
Last October, a spokesman from the commission told state media that the country had built a missile capable of striking the United States, but did not provide further details.
The decision to push ahead with a test will be a challenge to the U.N. Security Council, which recently punished Pyongyang for launching the long-range rocket. In condemning that launch and imposing more sanctions on Pyongyang, the council had demanded a stop to future launches and ordered North Korea to respect a ban on nuclear activity -- or face "significant action" by the U.N.
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon condemned Tuesday's nuclear test in a statement.
The test will likely draw harsh censure and more sanctions from the United States and other countries at a time when North Korea is trying to rebuild its moribund economy and expand its engagement with the outside world.
North Korea cites the U.S. military threat in the region as a key reason behind its drive to build nuclear weapons. The two countries fought on opposite sides of the Korean War, which ended after three years on July 27, 1953, with an armistice, not a peace treaty. The U.S.-led U.N. Command mans the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two Koreas, and Washington stations more than 28,000 troops in South Korea to protect the ally.
Fox News' Greg Palkot and The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

Read more:

Monday, February 11, 2013


Uncle Ted is headed to Washington as an Invited Guest to the State of The Union Address! Let's just hope that this will be the last time Obama makes this speech as Uncle Ted who is the Guest of a Texas Senator that is calling for Obama's Impeachment seems to be turning up the heat with this move! Hey Uncle Ted, Please Heckle Obama and Boo his ass for us and hold up your Breaking Obama Membership Card during the Liar In Chiefs Speech. Here is more on the story...

Ted Nugent Headed To State Of The Union As Guest Of Texas Congressman Steve Stockman

The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted:   |  Updated: 02/11/2013 4:13 pm EST
A Texas GOP congressman who has floated the possibility of impeaching President Barack Obama announced Monday that controversial rocker Ted Nugent would be his guest at Tuesday's State of the Union address.
Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), who claimed earlier this year that he'd be willing to file articles of impeachment over Obama's gun control push, addressed the development in a statement, stressing that Nugent would be available for media interviews after Obama's speech.
"I am excited to have a patriot like Ted Nugent joining me in the House Chamber to hear from President Obama," the congressman said. "After the address I'm sure Ted will have plenty to say."
Nugent has been one of Obama's most inflammatory critics, taking an increasingly combative tone in the wake of the president's new push to reduce gun violence. He drew nationwide backlash for comments made last year in which he called for attendees at a National Rifle Association rally to "ride into that battlefield and chop [Democrats'] heads off in November." He also said he would be "dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama is re-elected. The Secret Service later visited the entertainer and said they had resolved the issue, but an unbowed Nugent didn't tone down his rhetoric.
Speaking earlier this year about Obama's proposed measures to address gun violence, Nugent suggested that he and his buddies were prepared for an armed rebellion against an "evil, dangerous" Obama, whom he accused of preparing a broad plan to confiscate guns.
Stockman could end up having a lot on his plate on Tuesday evening, apart from any potential excitement provided by his guest. His office has also announced that the congressman will fact-check the president's address in real time over Twitter.
UPDATE: 4:10 p.m. -- Asked by the New York Times if he'd be armed at the State of the Union, Nugent said he planned to "demilitarize" before entering the Capitol.

Ted Nugent's Most Outlandish Statements
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