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Monday, November 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Funding Iranian Nuclear Program

The truth has finally began its rise to the surface why President Obama refuses to meet with Israel and refuses to admonish Iran. Billions of American Taxpayer Dollars are still being sent to Egypt and other countries that have open communications with Iran. Egypt which is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood which created Hamas which is currently attacking Israel is sending Millions of Dollars to Tehran for SCUD Missiles and "Miscellaneous" expenses. We must stop this now! Though indirectly, Barack Obama is funding the Iranian Nuclear Program by continuing aid to Egypt and other countries. All Foreign Aid to Arab Countries should be stopped and re-evaluated now to make sure we are not funding similar purposes.

We Must Stand With Rand! Please Share this. We must stop Funding Egypt Now as they Support Hamas! Their new government is run by The Muslim Brotherhood who created Hamas that is also supported by Iran! Our American Tax Dollars are being funneled to Iran to build Nukes through payments from Egypt! This must stop Now! 
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