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Saturday, November 10, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Petraeus to Betray Us About Benghazi

In a wild sudden turn of events Friday the American People learned that General David Petraeus has Resigned as Director of the C.I.A.
He blames "Personal Reasons" for this sudden decision to step down that stem from an affair he is having betraying his wife of some 37 years. The F.B.I. knew of this affair even before he was sworn in to his office so that theory holds no water to us. He knows way to much about what went on in Benghazi to step down now.
He has also state he Refuses to Testify at upcoming hearings this coming week regarding the attacks on Benghazi and even though he can be subpoena'd he most likely will Invoke his 5th Amendment Right if forced to take the stand. This is a sad day for America. Maybe he should change his name form Petraeus to Betrayus! 

He denies Obama pressured him into this decision and so does Obama. Let's face it America we are being Lied to once again here.