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Monday, November 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Israel Makes Peace Offer To Hamas

Report: Israel Gives 3 Days to Respond to 6 Conditions

Israel has presented Hamas six conditions for a cease-fire agreement, according to a Monday-morning report by Channel 10 Television. The conditions start with a 15-year truce. Second is an immediate end to the importing of weapons into Gaza with a proviso that the importing of any weapon will be considered a violation of the agreement. Third is a cessation of rocket fire and attacks against soldiers operating along the security fence. The end of restrictions on what can be brought into Gaza would be made via the Rafah Crossing in coordination with Egypt but would not be made at the Israeli commercial crossings. Israel would be free to act if attacked or if it had information on a planned attack. An additional condition is that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, and not the Egyptian security establishment, would give his personal guarantee to such an agreement.
Israel gave Hamas 72 hours to respond.