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Sunday, March 3, 2013

BREAKING NEWS:Reports Say Hugo Chavez Dead

According to several credible News Sources in Latin America and South America, Venezuelan President and Strongman Dictator suffered Brain Death on December 31, 2012 and was kept alive for several weeks before his children ordered that the Life Support plug to be pulled resulting in his death in the last few days. These reports are developing and we have provided sources and video to back up the reports. The possible motive for this is because he was re-elected in a controversial election and to avoid a full Revolution by the people of Venezuela the Government is keeping it under wraps until they can install his replacement. Please share this far and wide. Here is more on the story including video. Yes, the video is in Spanish but it is the best we can do at this point and the video comes from very respected news outlets. News of his Death will be released to the World within 72 Hours of this Posting I Guarantee!!!

Published on Feb 27, 2013
Hugo Chávez dead muerte muerto | The news itself, if true, is not unbelievable. UPDATE February 28, 2013 dead - For weeks, Chavez has not been heard from, following a series of cancer treatments in Cuba. Earlier reports from Havana said he was fighting a respiratory infection that had developed after his fourth cancer surgery.Chavez' respiratory problem -- referred to officially as "respiratory
deficiency" -- reportedly was due to a severe lung infection. Chavez'
respiratory problem -- referred to officially as "respiratory
deficiency" -- reportedly was due to a severe lung infection.
Chavez was first diagnosed with cancer in June 2011.
Castro sent an open letter to Venezuelan
Vice President Nicolas Maduro that was published in the Cuban Communist
Party's Central Committee newspaper, Granma, reminiscing about when he
first met Chavez in 1994.The key words in the 350-word article were Castro's observation that
"however painful (Chavez's) absence, all of you will be capable of
continuing his work."
Chavez may have died two weeks ago, when further public information about him
stopped, according to Venezuelan opposition and intelligence sources.
However, the sources concede they have no confirmation. Chavez, who had won
re-election, was due to be sworn in for another presidential term in
mid-January. His absence created a mini-constitutional crisis
Opposition leaders have argued that since Chavez wasn't sworn in for his new term, the Venezuelan Supreme Court should determine who is president.
The Spanish daily ABC had cited unnamed sources who say Chavez had been put into an induced coma and placed on life support.Dr.Michael Pishvaian of the Georgetown University's Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, D.C., said respiratory infections could require
antibiotics and supplemental oxygen.
"It could be a very ominous sign," Pishvaian said, indicating that Chavez may have been on life support.
Other sources indicate that once put on life support following the type of cancer surgery Chavez had, along with respiratory complications, the chance of survival is slim.
comments by members of Chavez's family said he was stable, although
Maduro insisted the Venezuelan president had "enormous strength."
a doctor who is in contact with Chavez's medical team said several
weeks ago the Venezuelan president wasn't responding to antibiotics, had
a constant fever and hadn't eaten solid food for weeks.
The doctor, Jose Rafael Marquina of Florida, said Chavez
then was on life support and that the medical team was "only prolonging
unnecessary suffering." Marquina is an opponent of Chavez.
Chavez hasn't been seen in public since his last surgery in Havana Dec. 11.
now, the government has been silent on the latest rumors of Chavez's
death, even though he had designated Maduro to succeed him.
officials also may be withholding information because of concern they
would lose the significant influence they've acquired in Venezuela through Castro's close relationship with Chavez.
Since there is no record that Chavez was sworn in for his new presidential term, the Venezuelan constitution requires the government to call for new elections.
Opposition leaders are demanding that the government provide more information about the condition of Chavez and want new elections.
officials say they are watching developments closely but would have no
comment on reports the 58-year-old Venezuelan president had died.