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Sunday, March 24, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: World War III Breaking Out Now!

Conflicting Reports are coming in saying Assad in Syria has been Assassinated which will make History Repeat itself much like the start of World War I began with an assassination. Just Hours after President Barack Hussein Obama left the Middle East and Israel, Assad was gunned down by his own bodyguard who is rumored to be a Foreign Plant and is either dead or on life support or none of the above. This happened as China tested anti aircraft technology and North Korea promised ramping up its own attacks on America. Coincidence? Oh Hell no! It is on, Prepare for Obama to Declare Martial Law in America to "Protect America & American Interests". Here comes the pain! Here is more on the story. What is going on? Who is telling the truth? It has been a few short weeks since the Hugo Chavez Death cover up are they trying to cover this up now? Get Ready folks it is about to get ugly!

According to Arab media , Bashar al-Assad would have been seriously wounded by gunfire last night Saturday, March 23 by his bodyguard but Iran is not dead. He is currently hospitalized, between life and death, Shami Hospital in Damascus which the streets were closed.
Last year one of Assad’s bodyguards blew himself up in a suicide blast in Damascus.
UPDATE: Wikipedia already reported his death:
wiki dead assad
More… First time Wikipedia user IP in Islamabad was the Wiki source of #Assad death edit.
UPDATE: Al-Arab media says there are conflicting reports on the shooting.
al arab assad
UPDATE: Isreali News One is now reporting Assad is dead:
According to Arab media reports that have been verified – officials assassinated by his bodyguard of Syrian President life Heavy security around the hospital a – my mother in Damascus and in-hospital–
assad news one
UPDATE: Assad’s inner circle says the reports are not true – the dictator is in high spirits and will deliver a keynote speech within days (unless he’s dead).
The sources said that President Assad was transferred to Shami Hospital in Damascus, suffering from wounds and described it as very serious, and he is fighting for his life there, while the Syrian army has closed all roads leading to the hospital. Even the meantime there has been no official statement by the system, while sources close to him denied what was in the news altogether, noting that the president was in good health and high spirits, and will deliver a keynote speech in the coming days.
UPDATE: Syrian TV premises have been evacuated.
UPDATE: Russia Today News (pro-Assad) says the rumors are not true because Assad’s inner circle told them so.
UPDATE: Here we go…..
The Jews and their robots are being blamed for the ‘disinformation.’
Zionist bedouins created an Al-Assad articulated robot, will show him dead along with Damascus streets in chaos, to bring about panic and demoralize the Syrian people and the army, to enable terrorists to take advantage of the situation. Just like they did with the fake GREEN SQUARE footage in LIBYA.
Those Jews and their evil robots are at it again.
UPDATE: French website L’Express picked up the story but says there is no evidence the reports are true.
UPDATE: The New York Daily News reported on the rumors.