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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breaking Obama Expanding Mission You Can Help!

Patriots United For Freedom created a Non-Partisan Political Movement this past election year in 2012 to keep tabs on the Obama Re-Election Campaign after many promises were not only broken in the past 4 years but also some outright lies were told by those working to get this man another term went unchecked by the mainstream media.

This movement became known as "Breaking Obama" which infuriated Liberals as they took the name as some kind of Racist or Violent name which is untrue. The name comes from the concept of a TV show or more accurately several of them. Breaking Bad or Breaking Bonaduce are two shows that use the term Breaking. The creators of Breaking Obama felt that the Obama Administration is nothing more than one big soap opera and that is why the name stuck.

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The Mission continues to expand and includes a newly upgraded website and a Membership that grows daily. There is also a VIP Membership that has benefits coming to those that upgrade their membership. 
The movement is completely funded by members that help the cause and no advertising or political contributions. This movement is 100% Grass Roots and if you would like to get involved you can via the website at 

You can also get involved here by getting a Patriot Pack that includes the Membership Card and Bumper Sticker as seen below:
                 Patriot Packs

What is next for the movement? There is a National Magazine in the works right now set to launch this coming Summer. Our Mission will continue to expose politicians and keep them accountable for what they say especially the Socialist in the White House. Stay tuned to the Website and Facebook Page for more information and spread the word...
Breaking Obama Membership Cards are available on the website...

Breaking Obama "Impeach Obama" Bumper Stickers are available on the website...