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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Brace yourselves everyone! America is under attack from many different angles all at the same time right now including from within! This is real and not a drill! Tonight the Dictator in Chief will spell out his plans using his teleprompters rather than his brain and direct America into further destruction as our other enemies prepare to over run us as he further weakens us from within. We must take a stand and demand he is removed from office now before it is too late! Call your Senators Now and share this. Here is more on the story...

Tell them to Impeach Obama Now!!!

Since yesterday, North Korea tested 3 missiles directed at the US. We have millions of Muslims, many with Taliban camps and terrorist ties living in the US ready to destroy us. We have the Mexican Mafia, Drug Cartels and over 20 million Mexican illegals in the US. Obama has a sinister, ulterior motive to cut our military at one of the worse times in American history. Nothing else makes sense. Give them our guns???? NEVER!!!!

"Prepare to Take America Back
Joint Chiefs: Sequester Cuts Will Return Military to Carter-Era Strength

The U.S. military is warning that sequester cuts will reduce our armed forces to a state they haven't been since Jimmy Carter was president.

In memos sent to Congress, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) warned that, "Army brigades won't be ready to fight[,] Navy aircraft carriers won't be deployed[,] and the Air Force won't be able to operate radar surveillance 24 hours a day."

On Feb. 12th, JCS members will testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee concerning the pending cuts.

In anticipation of sequester, the Navy is already giving us a glimpse of how they will operate once the cuts take effect.

For instance, last month they canceled "the $3.3 billion overhaul and refueling of the nuclear-powered carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln." This followed news that they reduced carrier groups in the Persian Gulf from two to one by canceling the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman strike group's departure to the Middle East.

As Defense analyst Frank Gaffney observes: "Long before the full impact of sequestration is felt, the hollowing out of the U.S. military is under way."