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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Police Executed Chris Dorner!

We are not condoning what Chris Dorner did by any means but what the police did is inexcusable and illegal. They took the Law into their own hands and became Judge, Jury and Executioner in a way that was beyond barbaric. Now we will never know information that could have explained why this fugitive did what he did. Why did they do it this way? What were the Police hiding? We may never know. Here is more about this chilling standoff including audio...

Here is the Link to his Manifesto:

Chris Dorner Dead,Christopher Dorner was holed up in a cabin surrounded by police when a voice on a police scanner appears to send a command to “Burn it down.”

Within minutes the structure was on ablaze, an inferno that burned for hours and has prevented police from seeing if Dorner’s body is inside the cabin. What appeared to be an instruction to burn the cabin down was heard on live news broadcasts and recorded by those listening online to police scanners.

To document what seemed to be a call to kill Dorner, some listeners recorded the audio and uploaded it to YouTube. A broadcast from CBS Los Angeles played a voice saying, “Get the gas. Burn it down.”

The news came as police closed in on Dorner after a manhunt that lasted more than a week. Dorner is suspected of killing a Southern California couple, then later shooting two other police officers, killing one.

An ex-LAPD cop, Dorner was fired in 2008 but maintains it was systemic racism that led to his demise. Dorner spoke out against what he saw as abuse of power, including a partner he said kicked a suspect with schizophrenia. Before the alleged killing spree, Dorner posted a 26-page manifesto to Facebook detailing what he saw as abuses and naming those he planned to kill.

Police went on a manhunt stretching across Southern California and into Nevada and even Mexico, but police centered on Big Bear, a snowy resort area about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. It was there that police say they closed in on Dorner after he stole two vehicles, leading to another shootout that left a sheriff’s deputy dead, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Though reports initially indicated that Christopher Dorner was dead, police said they have not found a body and that the burnt down cabin was still smoldering too much for them to look closer.

The revelation that police may have been instructed to “Burn it down” likely won’t sit well with a growing number of Christopher Dorner supporters. This group believes the LAPD is guilty of abuse and racism, as he has alleged.

Here is the video of police allegedly saying “Burn it down” in regard to Christopher Dorner’s cabin.