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Saturday, January 26, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Runs Martial Law Drills In Miami!

Why is the Obama Administration running Martial Law Deployment Drills in the Miami Florida area? We would really like to know what he has planned here. We have a right to know. Here is more on the story from our sources which are cite at the bottom of this story. Please share this, our Freedom may be depending on it. UPDATE WE HAVE ADDED VIDEO OF THE ACTION...

Miami Martial Law Drill: Machine Gun Fire & Black Hawk Helicopters Invade Miami Skyline

Has America been invaded by hostile forces? If not, then what are ‘they’ preparing for? The streets and skies of Miami turned into what sounded like an Iraqi war zone or the streets of Chicago as the eternal, global war on terror gave Miami residents a sense of what it might sound like to live in Afghanistan as machine gun fire (blanks) filled the air and black hawk helicopters filled the midnight skies.

Are there THAT MANY terrorists now in America that they’re preparing for? A recent police, emergency management and National Guard drill in Ohio targeted ‘disgruntled 2nd Amendment advocates’ upset about the governments ‘new interpretation’ of the 2nd Amendment as ‘terrorists’. Does this Miami ‘martial law’ drill have the same targets in mind or are they ‘just’ preparing for economic collapse?

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